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RROs began in response to the need to license wide-scale photocopy access to printed works. They derive their authority from contracts with national rightsholders directly or through their associations and/or legislation. RRO licenses typically grant authorizations to copy a portion of a publication, in limited numbers of copies, for the internal use of institutional users.

The idea of forming Kopiken was spearheaded in the early 1990s by a Kenyan publisher. Kopiken was registered in 1994 as a collecting society under the Societies Act of the Laws of Kenya. However, for various reasons, the organization became inactive round about 1997/1998, and Kenya Publishers Association (KPA) took over the organization in a caretaker capacity. KPA started the process of reviving Kopiken again in 2004.

KOPIKEN derives its mandate partly from the Kenya Copyright Act 2001 which provides the mandate for the setting up of collecting societies. It also draws its manadate from its membership which is made up of rightsholder associations, rather than individual authors and publishers.