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Mass photocopying and similar reproduction of copyright protected works in Kenya takes place in a number of sectors. These include:

  • Educational institutions, particularly universities and colleges, as well as schools

  • Copy shops/bureaus

  • Business and Industry

  • Government departments

  • Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Religious institutions
Kopiken hopes to eventually subject all mass reproduction within Kenya to licensing. To be able to achieve this, Kopiken has stated by targeting universities and colleges. Towards this end, Kopiken has been and continues to carry out sensitization seminars for administrators and academic staff in these institutions with the hope of creating awareness about the need to remunerate authors and publishers for the use of their work. The seminars are serving as useful fora to engage in discussions on Kopikenís role and mandate. All this is being done in preparation for more intensive negotiations towards licensing expected to start early in 2006. Similar seminars are planned for other sectors in 2006.

Kopiken also plans to hold a media publicity campaign early in 2006 with the general objective of creating awareness among the (copying) public about the need to respect copyright and remunerate those whose work is reproduced, and the specific objective of getting the owners of copy bureaus and shops to take up licenses with Kopiken so as to ensure that they are compliant with Kenyan Copyright Law.